Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning

Project Overview

Worldwide, urban design projects generate conflicts between stakeholders that lead to a long and costly executions.

By supporting citizens to get a better understanding of future urban projects, and by allowing them to contribute (through their feedback), the social inclusion and environmental sustainability of projects will be improved.

As a result, this will generate leads for real estate developers and will help them save money whilst shortening the project's execution. At the same time citizens will have a tool for expressing their perception of the design project along the design phase

The project will bring to the market a new
Augmented Reality (AR) service that will enable stakeholders and citizens to visualize on site the future urban transformation and to contribute to an interactive co-creation process giving their feedback or analyzing results all along the design phase.

The mobile AR solution will enable straightforward publication of 3D building models through cloud service, to be viewed and commented at the real locations, each user from individual viewpoints.

Worldwide, there are each year a huge number of building projects where our product could bring significant savings in planning time, quality and costs (i.e. by improving and speeding up the decision making process, by generating leads, by allowing citizens to be fully involved in the process, etc.).