Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning

Pilot Customer

Covivio selected the VITAE project (C40 Reinventing City - Serio - South Milan) as the preferred pilot case study application of AR4CUP.

The design project will be developed in the coming years, and the AR4CUP app will be part of the co-design process with citizens and other relevant stakeholders; the entire process will benefit from the involvement of citizens and decision-makers.

Covivio also participates in the product evaluations. In the middle and at the end of the project, Covivio evaluates the relevance of the product. The first evaluation is devoted to feedback about the interface design and the visualization of urban planning projects in augmented reality. The second evaluation is focused on the application to the VITAE case study application.

After the experimentation, the co-creation features and the fully optimized on site augmented reality will be evaluated.